Research and Development

Fertility Associates scientific research programme aims to provide patients with the best and latest technology to give them the best possibility of a positive outcome.

Current studies

Timelapse study with Eeva in Wellington

We are delighted to report that Fertility Associates Wellington is participating in an international research study (PROSPECT) using time-lapse photography technology.


What is it?

The purpose of the PROSPECT study is to collect data for further development and validation of the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) Test. This program will hopefully help us to better identify viable embryos by correlating early development with pregnancy rates. The Eeva System has a microscope which takes photos of developing embryos inside the standard IVF incubator every 5 minutes. This means we do not have to take them out of the incubator for our usual morphological assessments. Embryos cultured in the Eeva incubators may therefore be exposed to less light and change in environment. The Eeva System has been successfully used for a number of years internationally and has not been associated with any detrimental effects.


Why should I participate?

Your embryos may benefit from being in a culture environment which is subject to minimal disturbance. We give all of our patients a photo of the transferred embryo, but participants in this study will instead receive a full video of this embryo’s development. If you have frozen embryos, we can use data collected during their development to better select (if there is a choice) an embryo for replacement. Data from the cycle will be available for you and your doctor at a review appointment at the conclusion of your cycle.
PLEASE NOTE: this is a blinded study – we will be selecting the embryo for fresh transfer (or the first embryo for frozen transfer if you have a freeze-all cycle) using our normal morphological assessments. Time-lapse data will NOT be available for this selection.

Who can participate?
You must have five or more normally fertilized embryos

  • You must be using your own eggs
  • You must not be using surgically retrieved sperm
  • You may be having IVF or ICSI, using fresh or frozen sperm
  • You must be intending to have a day 5 transfer
  • Other exclusions may apply
Completing the consent form does not ensure participation in the study. Acceptance into the study is dependent on availability of the technology and at the discretion of study staff. Participation in this study is entirely voluntary – you will have our usual high standard of care whether you choose to participate or not. All aspects of your care will be the same except your embryos will be cultured in the Eeva system.

If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions, please contact our study coordinators:

Mel Olds                                                                                              Sarah Blackburn                                                         
(04) 381 6374                                                                                      (04) 381 6372