Information for GPs

Fertility Associates recognises that GPs are central to the care of their patients.  

Patients presenting to GPs with fertility concerns should be able to access high quality advice and education about fertility issues as well as realistic expectations about their chances of conception.  Early referral in the presence of obvious problems is preferred. Older and anxious patients often benefit from early referral even if no clear problem presents.

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This section is for GPs only
and is an online resource to help provide you with access to all the information you need to manage your patients with fertility questions or infertility.  In this section you will find:



  • Referring and public funding - Fertility Associates undertakes both privately and publicly funded consultations and treatment. Find information on the referral process and the funding options available to your patients.  Read more here >


  • Costs of treatment - An overview of our costs for the most common treatments. A quick resource for you to answer all those tricky questions about how much a consultation or treatment is at Fertility Associates. We regularly update this page to show our most up to date charges.  Read more here >


  • AMH explained - Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is a simple blood test which helps to estimate what is called ‘ovarian reserve by measuring the number follicles developing in the ovary at a particular time. Learn more about the test, what the results means and the impact on a woman’s fertility.  Read more here >



  • Useful tools - A quick overview of what tools and resources we have available to help make you diagnosis that much easier.  These include a BMI calculator, the Biological Clock, our personalised Pregnancy  Timeline, The Little Details magazine, frequently asked questions and lots more.   Read more here >

  • Contact us  - Contact details for all of our main clinics, referral information for private and public patients and who to get in touch with if you have a simple question.  Read more here >