Other Services

At Fertility Associates we also offer a range of related medical services. These include Endocrinology, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Genetic Services.

Please note, some of these services are only available at certain clinics.


  • Endocrinologists are doctors who care for people who have hormone problems. They are specialist physicians who investigate, diagnose and treat hormone disorders. In Auckland, we have a group of three female endocrinologists, Megan Ogilvie, Stella Milsom and Susannah O’Sullivan (pictured below), who work in clinical practice, medical research and education more... 


  • At Fertility Associates, we also offer a range of gynaecological services. A gynaecologist is a doctor who specialises in women's health, and more specifically problems relating to a women's reproductive system and reproductive organs more...

Obstetric Services

  • In both Auckland and Hamilton we offer Obstetric services. An Obstetrician is a specialist doctor who cares for pregnant women. In most circumstances an Obstetrician will look after women during pregnancy and delivery more...

Genetic Services

  • Fertility Associates works closely with the Northern Regional Genetic Service and Central and Southern Genetic Services in the provision of procedures to identify potential fetal abnormalities, both prenatally and in embryos more...
  • Genetic Counselling

  • Genetic Counselling helps to inform, educate and support individuals and families on the relevance, appropriateness, availability and potential outcomes of genetic testing and known genetic disorders.  more..