Endocrinology involves the study of hormones.  Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced from glands and affect every organ in the body.  Hormones control metabolism, reproduction, growth and development. 

Endocrinologists are doctors who care for people who have hormone problems.  They are specialist physicians who investigate, diagnose and treat hormone disorders.  In Auckland, we have a group of three female endocrinologists, Megan Ogilvie, Stella Milsom and Susannah O’Sullivan (pictured above), who work in clinical practice, medical research and education.  

Endocrinologists see a wide range of health problems including those relating to fertility and reproductive health, thyroid problems, pituitary disease, osteoporosis, adrenal dysfunction and cancer of the endocrine glands. Our group has a subspecialty interest in reproductive endocrinology, which includes problems relating to absent or irregular periods, infertility, menopause and polycystic ovarian syndrome (which leads to symptoms such as acne, hair growth or loss, and menstrual disturbance).   Stella Milsom has extensive experience in paediatric endocrinology.  As a group we see people of any age. 

If you wish to see one of our endocrinologists, we prefer a referral from a GP or another specialist as the valuable information they provide will reduce the number of appointments required.  Once we have a referral our secretary will contact you to make an appointment at a convenient time.

We book new appointments for approximately one hour and follow up appointments for up to 30 minutes.  During a new appointment your endocrinologist will take a history of your present problems and your past medical history.  They will then examine you and will often order some tests.  It may be possible at this first appointment to make a provisional diagnosis and discuss some treatment options. In a follow-up appointment they will review any changes in your health, review the results of any tests ordered at the last appointment, and review or commence treatment.

In general, our endocrinologists also advise people to make some lifestyle changes including staying lean and fit, avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol intake. These changes are helpful in preventing future health issues.  However, many endocrine conditions require specific treatment.

Our endocrinologists, Stella Milsom, Megan Ogilvie and Susannah O’Sullivan, work from Fertility Associates Auckland. To make an appointment, please use the contact details here.

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