Fertility Cover

Be sure with Fertility Cover 

At Fertility Associates, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible chance of having a baby. 

Fertility Cover gives you three chances to have a baby and the comfort of knowing in advance what the cost of your treatment will be. If treatment should prove to be unsuccessful after 3 cycles of IVF, we will refund 70% of the cost of the programme.
After 3 cycles of IVF over 80% of our patients who are 38 or  younger have a baby. 

At Fertility Associates, we understand that having a baby is what it’s all about.

Who can apply?

  • Current or new private patients at Fertility Associates
  • Publicly funded patients either waiting or who have finished funded IVF cycles. If you have a child from private treatment during this programme, it may change your eligibility for publicly funded treatment. If you have any questions please check with our funding coordinator.
  • How to apply:

  • First step is to have an initial consultation with a Fertility Associates doctor and from there your doctor will determine the right course of treatment for you. If IVF is the right treatment for you, you may be eligible for the Fertility CoverTM programme. To find out more contact your nearest clinic:
    • Auckland: Pauline Bigelow on (09) 925 5930.
    • Hamilton: Batami Pundak on (07) 389 2603.
    • Wellington: Sheryl Williams on (04) 384 8401.
    • Christchurch: Janine Clarke on (03) 375 4000.

Fertility Cover Criteria?

Eligibility is dependant on meeting a set of creteria as outlined below.  Acceptance into Fert Cover will be decided by Fertility Associates. The criteria includes:
  • The woman must be under 40 years old on the day of joining the programme.
  • You should complete the programme, which may involve up to  complete IVF cycles, within 18 months of signing the services agreement with us. We expect you will start your first IVF cycle within two months of this date.
  • You have not had more than 2 IVF cycles previously at any fertility clinic. However, even if you have previously had a baby from IVF, you may be eligible.
  • Review of the medical history of both you and your partner. Some medical factors may exclude applicants from this programme.
  • You and your partner must be non-smokers, for at least 3 months before starting and for the duration of treatment under the programme.

Other factors taken into account for eligibility include:

  • Women: Hormone levels of FSH and AMH which help predict how well you will respond to the drugs used in IVF
  • BMI, Medical history.
  • Men: Sperm quality from a semen analysis, medical history.

Fertility Cover Costs

Depending on the age of the woman, prices start from $27,900 and include drugs, ICSI, embryo storage and thawed embryo replacement.

While Fertility Associates will provide the best possible care no medical treatment can ever guarantee the outcome, but what we can guarantee is that if unsuccessful we will refund you 70% of the cost of the programme*.
      Avg. cost of single IVF Cycle
Age Band
Fertility Cover fee, incl. GST
Refund amount (70%)
(incl. drugs, ICSI &
thawed embryo replacement)
=< 33
34 to 35
36 to 37
38 to 39


To apply for Fertility Cover you and your partner will need to complete certain screening tests at your cost.
You need to be aware that should you be successful on your first cycle of treatment, you will have paid more than the standard fee for service as you will pay the total fee for Fertility CoverTM upfront.

How does this impact on my eligibility for Public Funding?

What is included in the Fertility CoverTM programme?

The Fertility CoverTM package includes all the items associated with a normal IVF cycle and more. These are as follows:
  • Up to 3 cycles of IVF (ICSI if required)
  • Medication – up to 300 iu of Gonal F or Puregon per day during treatment
  • Other standard medications used in treatment
  • Blood tests & ultrasound scans
  • Replacement of all frozen embryos resulting from your cycle for up to three years from the date of the final egg collection.
  • Storage of embryos up to 24 months from signing the services agreement with us. After this, you would pay for any further storage
  • Early pregnancy monitoring to 7 weeks gestation, including ultrasound scanning
  • Counselling, up to 4 consultations.

Exclusions from the Fertility Cover programme include:

  • Diagnostic and screening tests, such as AMH, FSH, Egg Check, semen analysis, etc
  • Any surgery
  • Surgical sperm retrieval of sperm from the testes, if needed
  • The use of donated eggs
  • Assisted hatching
  • Cost of donor sperm, including recruitment and storage fees, if needed
  • Cost of pregnancy care after 7 weeks gestation, any hospitalisation from treatment, prenatal diagnosis and any subsequent follow-up
  • Not all IVF treatment types will be covered. We can advise you at the time of your application.
If you have any questions in regards to what is included and excluded from this programme, please ask.

Download the Fertility CoverTM brochure here

* Terms and conditions apply. For entry into the programme, you must meet certain criteria.