Planning for pregnancy

When it comes to age, 84% of New Zealand women surveyed in the 2005 Fertility NZ study believe the ideal age to have a child is in their 20s. Statistics indicate we are increasingly leaving it until our 30s and 40s to get pregnant.

No one can tell you when it is the right time to have a baby – the only recommendation is not to leave it too late.

Getting pregnant may not happen straight away. This is not an immediate cause for concern as the chance of pregnancy each month for fertile couples is only 25%. By 12 months about 85% of couples will be pregnant. Between six to 12 months is a good time to consult your GP or fertility specialist if a pregnancy hasn’t happened. It is recommended that women over 35 wait no more than six months before seeking help.

An enjoyable sex life is important in a relationship and when trying to conceive.

Sometimes, however, couples may find that fun and spontaneity can be lost when trying to get pregnant over an extended length of time.

Sex one or two days before ovulation is most likely to to result in a pregnancy. Sex after ovulation is less likely to result in a pregnancy.

You cannot have sex too often and more is better than less. No sexual position has been proven to be better for conception, so just go with whatever feels right for you as a couple.

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Sadly, about one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Click here for more information about the causes and signs of miscarriage, what to do and the emotional impact.