Obstetric services (Auckland only)

An obstetrician is a specialist doctor who cares for pregnant women. They specialise in dealing with any problems that may occur during pregnancy or delivery and in the immediate few weeks after delivery, however they are also happy to work with women who would just like the extra assurance of a specialist's care.

There are three obstetricians based at the Fertility Associates Auckland clinic:  Drs Neil Buddicom, Simon Kelly, and Phill McChesney.
Any woman who is pregnant may choose to be under the care of a private obstetrician. There are many reasons a woman may choose to use our obstetric services including:

  • Women who may be at higher risk for problems during pregnancy or delivery
  • Women who have pre-existing medical problems
  • Women who have had problems in previous pregnancies
  • In some situations women who have had fertility treatment may also be at higher risk for pregnancy-related problems. We normally advise these women to have an obstetrician caring for them in pregnancy.
  • Women who anticipate a problem-free pregnancy but would gain peace of mind from being under the care of an obstetrician

You can arrange care with one of our obstetricians yourself by contacting us directly, or if you like, you can get a referral from your GP.

Once you choose to use the services of either Neil, Simon, or Phill, you will have an initial appointment with them which involves a thorough medical history and examination. This is designed to identify any potential risks for the pregnancy. In addition, there are some specific blood and urine tests that are arranged at this stage. Ultrasound scans are also planned at this initial visit.

Throughout the pregnancy you will meet regularly with your obstetrician to monitor your and your baby’s health and progress.

Initially visits are monthly from the first consultation until around 28 weeks. From then visits are every two weeks until the last month of pregnancy when visits will be weekly. This may of course change should any problems arise during the pregnancy.

Once your baby is born, we will also arrange a post-natal visit to our clinic at around 6 weeks after delivery.

About our Obstetricians:

Neil Buddicom (pictured left) joined Fertility Associates after being Medical Director of the Infertility Unit at National Women's Hospital. Neil shares an interest in infertility with a busy obstetric and gynaecology practice.

Simon Kelly (pictured middle) joined Fertility Associates in 2003 and combines his obstetric and gynaecology practice with an interest in the application of advanced ultrasound technology to infertility management, in vitro maturation of immature oocytes collected from unstimulated ovaries
and aspects of fertility preservation. 

Phill McChesney (pictured right) joined Fertility Associates in 2009 and,
in addition to his obstetric and gynaecology practice, specialises in reproductive
medicine at our clinic.  He also spends some of his week working at Auckland
City Hospital.

To make an appointment with one of our Obstetricians

Our receptionists will be happy to assist.  It is important to call us early in your pregnancy as most obstetricians limit the number of patients they take on in any one month and can get booked out.  Our receptionists will schedule your first antenatal visit for around the 10 week mark. 

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