• Egg freezing 101: To freeze or not to freeze?

    28 October 2021 7:30pm - Webinar ZOOM

    Baby maybe? Or simply just not quite ready yet....
    Dr Mary Birdsall is hosting a live webinar all about egg freezing! What's involved, what age to consider? how much is it? Find out all you need to know about Egg Freezing.

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  • Endometriosis & Fertility

    17 November 2021 7:30pm - Webinar Zoom

    During this webinar Phill will discuss the facts about endometriosis, what can help, and what means for fertility.

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  • Your cycle & You: Understanding your menstrual cycle and keeping fertility fit

    2 December 2021 7:30pm -

    Let's chat about fertility! A reproductive refresher for anyone looking to know more about their cycle and what it all means for your fertility.

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