Time Lapse Morphometry Imaging (TiMI)

TiMI photographs each embryo every 10 minutes to capture developmental milestones that are missed when embryos are only inspected once per day.


Benefits of TiMI:
  • Picks up unusual and detrimental events that escape a daily snap-shot inspection.
  • Identifies 10-15% of embryos with very low potential.
  • Several studies show that TiMI increases the chance of pregnancy using the first embryo transferred by up to 10%.
  • Embryos are not removed from their incubator, therefore they develop in an uninterrupted environment.
Who can benefit from TiMI?
  • People who expect to have several good quality embryos to choose from.
  • People who have had low quality embryos previously and want more information about their embryo development.
Useful to know:
  • Embryo selection with TiMI does not increase the overall chance of a baby from all the embryos available, but it can reduce the time to pregnancy by giving a better choice of which embryo to use first.

Imagery from TiMI

Photo imagery from TiMI

Frequently asked questions for time lapse morphometry imaging (timi)

  • How does TiMI work with PGS?

    Difference between TiMI & PGS and how they can work together.

    Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is the strongest embryo selection tool we have since we know that many normal appearing embryos have the wrong number of chromosomes (aneuploidy).
    The challenge with PGS is that it requires blastocysts on day 5 or 6 for testing – probably 3 or more.
    TiMI complements PGS because it provides the best undisturbed environment we have available in order to get as many blastocysts as possible.
    While the extra information we gain from watching the embryos with TiMI is helpful when not using PGS, it does not add to the selection process when PGS is used.
    The challenge most patients face is knowing how many embryos they’ll have to work with. If the number is few, then TiMI is a safe way to increase your chances. If there are 3 or more blastocysts, then PGS alone or in combination with TiMI may be the better option.

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  • Is Timi a per cycle cost?

    The fee for TiMI is a per cycle cost. We would be monitoring your embryos from one cycle. With a maximum of 12 embryos per cycle.