Fertility Associates is governed by a board of 6 individual directors, who set the strategic direction for the Fertility Associates Management Team.
Fertility Associates Management Team

Reporting to the CEO is the Management team comprising of Finance, Marketing, HR, Science and Operations.

Dr John Peek, GM QIS, leads quality processes, science direction and information management across all Fertility Associates clinics.

Clinic Managers lead the lab, nursing, counselling and admin teams in each clinic and work closely with the GM Operations, Sean Conroy.


Michael de Reuck
Finance Manager

Val Graham
Marketing and Communications Manager


Dave Main
IT Systems Manager

Dr Alex C Varghese
Group Scientific Director

Suzanne Sherwin
General Manager – Quality, Risk and Compliance


Sean Conroy
Chief Operating Officer


Fertility Associates Board

Fertility Associates is governed by a Board of Directors that sets the strategic direction with CEO, Alex Price, which is then implemented by the Operational Management Team.

The Board consists of: 


Dr Andrew Murray
Group Medical Director, FA

Dr Geoffery Trew
Non Executive Director

Tom Goddard
Non Executive Director

Nicholas Watkins
Non-Executive Director

Dr VP Singh
Medical Director, FA