Clinical genetics consultations

We have Genetics specialists across NZ with Clinical Genetics Auckland (CGA) holding clinics at our Auckland clinic and Kate Gibson at Fertility Associates in Christchurch. Who can provide both specialised genetic counselling and assessments as well as information, education and supportive counselling on:

  • The diagnosis of a genetic condition
  • Pre-conception testing and advice 
  • Family medical history and implications
  • Cancer risk factors and gene testing
  • Risk for current pregnancy or future pregnancies
  • Options for having a family when you have genetic risks. 

They can also discuss the potential outcomes of genetic testing including PGS, cancer gene testing, and non-invasive pre-natal testing, and offer pre-conception advice regarding chromosomal translocations.

Meet our genetic specialists:

Auckland - Clinical Genetics Auckland


You can be referred by your specialist, GP or Lead Maternity Carer for our genetic services, or you can book an appointment here. 


Fertility Associates provides a range of genetic screening services, including: