Genetic Screening - Invitae

All donors at Fertility Associates are screened using Invitae genetic screening. 

Why we do it?

Genetic screening identifies whether you are a carrier of a range of inherited conditions. Most people are carriers of one or more genetic conditions, even though no one in their family has the condition. Being a carrier is important if the person using the sperm is also a carrier of the same condition.  

Invitae’s carrier screening includes:

  • Severe and prevalent disorders seen across all ethnicities
  • Enhanced SMA testing to help identify silent carriers
  • Comprehensive Fragile X analysis, including AGG interruptions
  • Full gene sequencing with deletion and duplication analysis leading to a 99% detection rate for most genes
  • Actionable results; no reporting of variants of unknown significance

Different Options of number of genes tested 

  • Comprehensive – 288 - this is the option we use for donor screening
  • Core - 3
  • Broad - 46

When we do it?

At your screening appointment (for semen analysis) we will also take a saliva sample.

More info can be found here on the Info sheet

Or you can visit the Invitae website here.