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Fertility Associates - Christchurch's leading fertility clinic.


Our success rates are well above the US average, who are ranked within the highest clinics internationally.

Unlike other clinics, we don't borrow our success from overseas. Our Success is measured on pregnancies within New Zealand - from the very Doctors you will see, using the same technology that you will experience at our brand new Christchurch Clinic.

We provide both publicly funded and private treatment - and are the only clinic where you can access both options.

We are the only Provider of Publicly Funded Treatment in the South Island. Which means you have all the options available to you - to help you make the best decision.

Christchurch's Most Experienced Fertility Specialist

Dr Sarah Wakeman is the longest practicing fertility specialist in Christchurch - fertility is not an add-on to her services it is her main focus.

Sarah has helped 1000's of women and couples to achieve their dream of having a family. Sarah is also CREI Accredited - which is the only fertility specialization certification available within Aust & NZ.

Our team includes:

New technologies available 

First in New Zealand: For over 29 years we have been introducing the latest proven fertility treatments to our patients. Including, most recently PGS. To give our patients the very best chance of having a baby sooner.

More about our treatment options here.

Fertility Cover

Many clinics make promises, but Fertility Associates is the only clinic in NZ that backs their success rates. 

Our Fertility Cover programme gives you 3 chances to have a baby, with a 70% refund if you are unsuccessful. The programme has been going for 3 years, with 80% of people starting Fertility Cover having a baby.

The best thing you can do is talk to us

Being informed about your own fertility is the best thing you can do towards becoming pregnant.

We have some useful information to help you understand your fertility and if you are worried about your chance of having a baby, talking to one of doctors is the best place to start. You don’t need a referral from another doctor or your GP to see one of our fertility specialists but if you prefer your GP can refer you.

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Clinic Details: Hiatt Chambers, Level 1, 249 Papanui Road, Christchurch

Christchurch Refurbished Clinic - We have a brand new purpose built fertility clinic to give you the very best comfort, privacy and care.