We have a team of specialists around New Zealand

  • Dr Ved Prakash (VP) Singh

    Medical Director, Hamilton


    VP is a fertility specialist with extensive clinical experience across all aspects of fertility including gynaecological surgical procedures.

    As Medical Director he informs the scientific and treatment direction for the Fertility Associates group, introduces new leading technology and oversees all clinical procedures at our Hamilton clinic.

    He also has special interest in endometriosis surgery, operative laparoscopy and pelvic floor surgery.

    Before coming to NZ in 1996 VP was part of the pioneering team credited with introducing IVF treatment into India at the Human Reproduction Research Centre at K E M Hospital, Bombay.

    VP graduated from the University of Bombay with a medical degree at King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth G S Medical College in India in 1988.

    VP enjoys spending time with his family and is an active cyclist on the weekends.


    Clinics: Hamilton, New Plymouth, Fertility Associates Board


  • Dr Lakshmi Ravikanti

    Fertility Specialist


    With a detailed and thoughtful approach to fertility, Lakshmi is highly regarded in her field. She has extensive experience across all areas of fertility with a special  interest in female fertility health and endometriosis.

    Lakshmi joined Fertility Associates in January 2007 after completing her fellowship at Waikato, National Women's and Tauranga Hospital. She completed her medical degree in India and immigrated to New Zealand in 1996.


    Clinics: Hamilton, Tauranga

  • Dr Helen Wemyss

    Fertility Specialist


    Experienced and caring, Helen has over 20 years experience in Gynaecology, with a sub-specialist interest in managing infertility. Helen has a special interest in fertility preservation and genetic screening.

    Helen graduated from Otago University in 1990 with post-graduate training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Hamilton, Auckland and Canberra. Helen holds clinics at Fertility Associates Hamilton and works part-time as a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Waikato Hospital where she is also a post-graduate teacher.

    Helen enjoys taking her family on new adventures in the outdoors.

    Clinics: Hamilton

  • Dr Brad Chittenden

    Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist


    Brad is a laparoscopic surgeon who has undertaken a fellowship in a leading unit in the UK. He has a keen interest in endometriosis and the surgical management thereof. This keen interest and knowledge of the issues that face couples with infertility allows him to deliver a focused service to his patients.

    Brad also has a private Gynaecology practice.

    Clinics: Tauranga

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