Preparing for treatment

If you are beginning treatment, a nurse will help you prepare for treatment; such as meeting with the counsellor, providing information about any drugs you might need during treatment, or advising you about the process for selecting a donor (sperm, eggs or embryo) if required.

Sometimes there may be quite a lot of preparation before starting more complex treatments. We recommend that you allow sufficient time to prepare for treatment. This creates a good foundation for the treatment cycle, and it is less likely that there will be surprises or unexpected difficulties later. 

Beginning treatment
A cycle usually starts with Day 1 – which is the
first day you wake up with your period. You will
be asked to phone the clinic when you get to
Day 1 and speak with one of the nurses.

The nurse will tell you when to phone back for the instructions on what to do next.

If fertility drugs or home testing kits are needed in your treatment, the nurse will discuss this and arrange a time for you to pick these up and receive instructions for administering the drugs or using the test kit.

If you live out of town, we can have the drugs and test kits couriered to you. There will be a charge for this. 

During treatment

Your doctor will oversee your treatment and follow your progress. However during your journey with us you will meet your wider team who will also work with you, including nurses and embryologists. As we provide a service 7-days per week, other doctors will also be likely to carry out some scans and procedures. 

Decisions are made each day about the next 
stage of the process. It is important that you
contact us as arranged, and that you let us
know how we can reach you during the day
if we need to.

Depending on the type of treatment cycle you are undertaking this may involve blood tests, scans, or home testing of your urine. We will give you information about the locations available for blood tests and scans.

At any stage you are welcome to phone our staff for advice, reassurance or to ask questions. This is often a time of anxiety, uncertainty and anticipation. Your doctor’s nurse is usually the best person to call in the first instance. Further information about emotional support during the investigation and treatment of infertility is in the counselling and support section of this booklet.