Latest Update: 12 October 2023

We are pleased to announce that our Hamilton Clinic has been chosen to pilot a new eConsent process for IVF cycles and Fresh Embryo Transfers (FET).
This does not include any cycles using donor gametes.

What does this mean for me?

Instead of having a nurse go through the consent forms you are given a link to watch a video about the process, explaining what will happen and how you can prepare. Doing it this way means that you can watch the video as many times as you like at home, and can take as long as you want to process the information. You are then asked some questions to make sure that you have understood your procedure. Of course, our staff will still be available to answer any of your questions that are not covered by the eConsent video information.


Who will be offered eConsent?

Anyone who is new to IVF and/or FET, or anyone who has not signed a consent for a 12 month period will be asked to sign a new consent. For now the new eConsent process is just for IVF and FET, but we hope to roll this out for other procedures, and to our other clinics around New Zealand in the near future.


We hope this new process will allow you to understand information in an easier format and be a more relaxing experience.



Update: 05 September 2023

FA is pleased to offer 24 months interest free* to patients with Q Card, now through 30 November 2023!

Our patients deserve the best treatment, so we aim to make it easier to access it when they need it.


Check out this special offer here.

Q Mastercard is a product of humm-group with no affiliation to Fertility Associates.

For more information contact your clinic team.


Click here to visit the Q Mastercard website and apply


*Ts&Cs, lending criteria, and fees apply.

We’re ready when you are! 💚


Covid-19 Update

We are reducing precautions at the clinic now that we are living without Covid restrictions in the community.

As of Tuesday 15 August:

  • Mask wearing is now optional in our clinics for both staff and patients (or visitors). Obviously if someone is unwell or is showing symptoms, then we expect that they will be responsible - this means wearing a mask and conducting a RAT test.

Pregnancy and Vaccine Advice can be found here

At the clinic
  • We no longer require mask wearing unless you have any cold or flu symptoms.
  • If unwell or experiencing Covid-like symptoms OR you are in close contact with someone with Covid, please wear a mask. Please let us know if you have tested positive or are a close contact.

About Vaccination

Protecting each other from Covid-19

The whole FA team is fully vaccinated, and we are really pleased to see that over 95% of our patients are also double vaccinated.  Latest research shows that vaccination will protect both mum and baby from the potentially serious complications of a Covid-19 infection in pregnancy.  Check our Webinar Covid Vaccine & Pregnancy/Fertility here. 

What you can do:

  • Please get vaccinated: Vaccination will give you the best chance of having a healthy baby.
  • Testing as required: When the levels are high in your community, we will require additional testing. Auckland and Hamilton please see below.
  • During treatment - live a more cautious lifestyle and limit contact with people – becoming ill can reduce your chance of a successful cycle.



  • Getting Covid-19 and pregnancy
    • Pregnant women are particularly badly affected by Covid-19.  In the UK, 1 in 6 of the most critically ill patients are unvaccinated pregnant women.  Vaccination is very effective at protecting women in pregnancy. More advice here.
  • Getting Covid-19 and male fertility
    • A variety of studies have shown Covid-19 infection can affect male fertility short term. This is not surprising – inflammation, fever, and oxidative stress can all impact male infertility. Vaccination reduces the chance of infection, and greatly reduces symptoms and the degree of illness if men do contract Covid-19.
  • Sperm and the Vaccine
    • We encourage all men who are thinking about their fertility to get vaccinated.  Do not delay vaccination to bank sperm.
    • There is no evidence that the Covid vaccination harms sperm counts or male fertility. 
    • There is emerging evidence that the Covid virus may impair sperm production due to the inflammation it causes.  

Endocrinology - Tele Health

  1. Tele health – During high community transmission of Covid (for example during red traffic light level and lockdown levels 3 and 4) Endocrinology consultations will be conducted by Tele Health.
  2. New patients will be offered a first appointment by video consultation and follow up appointments will be carried out by telephone.   There will be no cancellation charges for patients who prefer to delay until a face-to-face appointment is available.   
  3. Non-urgent - Deferment of the appointment will be suggested by the endocrinologist if a referral is non-urgent and not considered suitable for telehealth.
  4. Physical Exam required - When a physical examination is required following a Tele Health appointment, this can be arranged in the fully vaccinated patient and in an unvaccinated person if a negative Covid test is provided with in 72 hours of the appointment.   The Endocrinology secretary coordinates these appointments, which may not be with the primary endocrinologist.
  5. Charges- Charges for a Tele Health appointment will be the same as a face-to-face appointment.   There will be no charge if an appointment is rescheduled due to a Covid lockdown or traffic light change .  Any other last minute cancellation (<4 working days) incurs the standard 50% charge.
  6. Administration contact– The administration work load is substantially increased during lockdowns, so there may be a delayed response to enquiries. Please be patient with the Endocrinology team secretaries who will respond as soon as they are able. 
Salve COVID-19 Folder on your app:

Just check under Info/ Covid Updates and you will find the latest info. We have:

    • Treatment updates
    • Clinic precautions and who can attend
    • Vaccine advice
    • Travel documentation
    • FAQs.

We will update this folder as things change so please do check it if you have any questions.