Donor Linking 

Our team of experienced coordinators and counsellors help donors, children and families swap information.  This can range from the briefest of details to meeting in person.  Below we have e types of linking:

  • Donor Updates - donors can update and request info
  • Donor Connections - parents and children can request information or to connect with their donor
Donor Updates
  • You may have been an egg, sperm or embryo donor with Fertility Associates in the past and lost contact with us. Now is a great time to reconnect and let us know where you are. This helps if you are interested in hearing about the outcome of your donation OR if the children or families you have donated to have any questions or requests.    To update your details or request info please fill in the form below
Donor Connections:  About your donor
  • Parents of donor conceived children: It is common for parents of a donor-conceived child to want to learn more about the person who shares some of their child’s genetic material. Parents do not need to wait until their child is 18 years old to seek information about their donor.

 Some parents and children ask if they can communicate with the donor and sometimes enjoy sending letters and photographs. To find out more please fill in the form below.

  • Donor conceived children: There are thousands of people in the world that were conceived with the help of donor sperm, eggs, or embryos.

You may have grown up knowing you were donor-conceived, or you may have recently found out.  It is natural for many donor-conceived people to want to know more about their donor and/or other people born from the same donor and, in some cases, to want to meet them. Please fill in the form below




Donor Linking - Please fill in your details below: