With a child’s best interests at the forefront, most parents intend to share the information of how a donor helped them to become a family – with their children and often their wider family. Some parents and children ask if they can communicate with the donor and sometimes enjoy sending letters and photographs.

The clinic coordinates any exchange of information and supports donors by offering appointments with our counsellors who have knowledge, resources and experience around issues raised by having contact. To update your details or request info simply fill in the form below. 

When donors do receive information about recipients, we ask that they respect the confidentiality of the information. We will not release any information beyond the standard set of non-identifying information without your consent.

You may also access information about your donor-conceived offspring by contacting the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). You can only access information if the offspring are 18 or over and they consent to information being released to you.

To visit the BDM website, click here. 

More info on the HART Act can be found here.

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Donor Updates (egg, sperm & embryo)

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