Understand your fertility and ovulation cycle

Understanding your own fertility and ovulation cycle is a great first step towards having a baby. Fertility Associates Christchurch is offering FREE Fertility Tracking.
Get to know your cycle in 3 easy steps
Step 1 - book online to talk to our fertility nurse

Simply fill in the form below and our nurse will call you back to talk through your menstrual cycle, timing of intercourse and answer any questions you may have. We will start with some screening blood tests. Our nurse will send you the blood test forms to get your started.

Step 2 - Blood Tests
  • Day 1, first day of your period – Email the fertility nurse 
    Email our fertility nurse on the first day of your period (this day is referred to as Day 1). Email to: fertilitynurse@fertilityassociates.co.nz
  • From Day 1 to Day 10 of your period – AMH Blood Test
    We start with an AMH blood test. AMH stands for Anti Mullerian Hormone, this measures egg quantity and if someone is likely to lose their fertility at an earlier age than expected. You can have this blood test taken any day from the first day of your period (Day 1) right through until 10 days after your period starts. You will need to take your blood form into Southern Community Laboratories and the results will be sent directly to Fertility Associates within 7 days.
  • Day 10-14 from the start of your period – Keep Trying
    Keep Trying: The best time to have intercourse is Day 10-14 after your period starts, every 2nd day. That could be Day 10 & 12 OR Day 11 & 13.
  • Day 21, 21 days after your period has started – 2nd Blood Test
    You will need to have your second blood test to check your progesterone levels. This will help to know if you have ovulated.
Step 3 - Results Phone Call

About 1 week after your 2nd blood test your fertility nurse will call you to talk through the results and help you with next steps. 

This service is only available in Christchurch at this stage.  We do have the Free Nurse Consultation service available throughout NZ.

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