• AMH - Understanding the results - Dr Mary Birdsall

    To help with the questions around AMH - Dr Mary Birdsall has written a blog on the AMH and results. About the AMH Test  AMH stands for anti mÜllerian hormone and is produced by the medium sized immature eggs in the ovaries. It is a powerful test because it gives an indication of likely menopausal age, likely reprodu...

    20 February 2018

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  • Different Waiting Times for IUI & IVF sperm donors

    Different Waiting Times for IUI & IVF sperm donors We are often asked why we have different waiting times for IVF and IUI sperm donors. The simple explanation is that we have more IVF quality sperm than IUI quality sperm. All of our clinic sperm donors need to exceed normal World Health Organisation values for s...

    29 November 2017

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  • PGS Patient Story

    Project TV 3 Covers PGS - Highlighting the great results so far at Fertility Associates. "We introduced PGS by partnering with a registered Pathology Lab CHL - based in Christchurch who already have a great track record of delivering complex fertility tests such as PGD & PGS." Dean Morbeck, Scientific Director....

    2 November 2017

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  • Understanding the latest IUI research

    When going through fertility treatment, it can be hard to know when articles come out in the media just what the data means.  So I asked Doctors John Peek and Dean Morbeck to translate what the recent research around IUI means today. The recent article in the NZ Herald talks about the positive outcome of fertility ...

    10 July 2017

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