Dr Dean Morbeck: The Importance of EmbryoGlue during an IVF embryo transfer

24 April 2018

EmbryoGlue - The Glue that Brings it All Together

Dr Dean Morbeck, Scientific Director, Fertility Associates outlines why EmbryoGlue is so important during the Embryo Transfer during an IVF cycle. 

The final step of your IVF journey in the clinic is your embryo transfer.  At Fertility Associates, we use an embryo solution called EmbryoGlue.

Why is EmbryoGlue important during an IVF Cycle?

We have good evidence that adding some “glue” to the solution that we put the embryos in at the time of transfer results in more babies being born.  In 2014, an exhaustive review of 180 studies selected 18 papers that were of high quality and their results were combined.  Most studies are too small alone to show differences in live birth rates, so this review, called a Cochrane Review, was published and found that “glue” in the embryo transfer solution is beneficial.

What is it? 

EmbryoGlue contains a large molecule called hyaluronic acid, which is present throughout the body and its concentration increases in the uterus at the time of implantation. 

Twenty years ago researchers asked the question – if hyaluronic acid increases at the time of implantation – what would happen if we added it to embryo transfer media?  They first tested this with mouse embryos and found an increase.  So the product was brought to patients and, through a LOT of research, we have convincing evidence that the addition of hyaluronan to transfer media improves outcomes. 

For this reason, we have been using EmbryoGlue for transfers since 2004 and since then we’ve kept an eye on the research to make sure we were doing the right thing.

While EmbryoGlue isn’t the only change we've made since 2004, the fact that live birth rates increased for 3-5 consecutive years after its introduction supported our decision and is why we continue to use EmbryoGlue today.
- Dr Dean Morbeck, Scientific Director



Above, Dr Dean Morbeck in the laboratory at Fertility Associates