Public Funding Change

25 January 2019

Public Funding Update – Recent Ministry of Health Changes

We have had some questions regarding the recent changes to publicly funded treatment after a live birth.

Who is impacted:  

Anyone who had a publicly funded cycle with an egg collection (or insemination) date from 1st February 2019.


Who had a live birth resulting from this treatment


Who wish to replace remaining frozen embryos created in that cycle (or further inseminations). This does not impact anyone who has had their egg collection prior to 1st February 2019, only those who have an egg collection (or intrauterine insemination) after this date.


Women/couples who have a live birth from their publicly funded treatment cycle – will now need to be reassessed to access further public funding for remaining frozen embryo transfers or intrauterine inseminations.

The change was put in place by the Ministry of Health and comes into effect on 1st February 2019. It applies only to those who have their egg collection or insemination from 1st February 2019.