Stories from our patients and donors

We are collecting stories from our patients and donors to share with you - to help with your own fertility journey.  Sharing and connecting with others can be helpful.

  • A Christmas Surprise

    After my husband and I got married, people started asking if or when we wanted children. At the time, I was very relaxed about the idea of starting a family. I was 32 and had a busy career, and felt like there was no rush – while I knew how hard it can be to get pregnant, especially getting older, I felt comfortable with the thought that if we couldn’t have kids, I would still feel ok.

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  • Courtney's Story

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  • Diary of an egg donor - 23 Tiny Chromosomes


    So... this is the start of a new journey - for me and for someone else out there that will be tied to me and my family through the tiny thread of DNA for the rest of... my life, eternity... wow.

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  • In my own words - My experience of being an egg donor

    It was not long after our daughter was born that I began to think about becoming an egg donor.  Our son was two, and my husband and I decided that our new daughter made our family complete.  starting school soon”. 

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