Stories from our patients and donors

We are collecting stories from our patients and donors to share with you - to help with your own fertility journey.  Sharing and connecting with others can be helpful.

  • Inconceivable Trailer TVNZ

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  • Sperm donor shares his story

    In late 1996 I saw an ad for sperm donors in our local paper. My wife happened to be looking over as I read this and she commented that this would be a fantastic thing for me to do. We have known some friends who have been through a lot of fertility treatment recently, and we were both very moved by what we saw

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  • Sperm donor shares his story - when we found out there was a shortage - we were keen to help

    One day, as I was listening to the radio, on my way to work…I heard a story about a couple who needed a sperm donor to have children, and that when they went to the clinic, there weren't many donors to choose from. I was really surprised to hear this.

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  • In our own words - our colourful journey

    If you are reading this, you are sitting where we were many years ago, seven to be exact.
    Before I get ahead of myself let me share with you who we are. I am of Cook Island descent from a large family. I was brought up by my paternal grandparents in Tokoroa.


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