Egg Freezing is a great option for women wanting to have options in the future for a family. 

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Egg Freezing Packages - include medication

Our egg freezing packages are inclusive of medication and provides a discount for a 2nd and/or 3rd Cycle. 

1st Egg Freezing Cycle $10,575
  • Egg freezing cycle
  • Medication used within the cycle
  • Pre-cycle talks with a fertility nurse
  • Review consultation with a doctor
  • Counselling appointment
  • Storage for first six months. 
  • Please note:  If the cycle is stopped prior to egg collection there is a fee of $805 plus medications received.
2nd  Egg Freezing Cycle  $8,680

18% Discount
If you start a Second Cycle within three months of your First Cycle's egg collection.  

3rd Egg Freezing Cycle $7,570

28% Discount
If you start a Third Cycle within three months of your Second Cycle's egg collection.



Requires: Embryology: Egg Thaw, with ICSI & Embryo Transfer

Listed below: 


  • Egg thaw (includes medication).


  • ICSI is as required 

Embryo Transfer

  • Frozen embryo transfer (includes medication

Fees above exclude:

  • Additional treatments outside the egg freezing cycle
  • Anesthetist or interpreter
  • First consultation or initial screening
  • Sperm donor addition fee - please see donor fees here. 

Storage Fees after your first six months

  • 6 months of egg storage – $160
  • 12 months of egg storage - $320
  • 10 years of egg storage – $1,695 (prepaid)
  • More information on Egg Freezing Treatment
  • Full list of Treatment fees here.