Your treatment has been completed and you may be wondering where to from here.

This section covers the different outcomes of fertility treatment including:

Waiting for your result

Nearly everybody agrees that waiting to see whether you are pregnant is the hardest part of fertility treatment.
Professor Jacky Boivin at the University of Cardiff, a well known fertility researcher, found that there was a simple approach, PRCI (Positive Reappraisal Coping ) which includes reading the following at least twice a day.
“During this experience I will: 

  • Try to do something that makes me feel good
  • Focus on the positive aspects of the situation
  • Find something good in what is happening
  • See things positively
  • Make the best of the situation
  • Try to think about the positive things in my life
  • Look on the bright side of things
  • Try to do something meaningful
  • Focus on the benefits, not just the difficulties
  • Learn from the experience

We have these phrases on a pocket-sized card too, available in each of our clinics – and in our Helpful Information section below.

The pregnancy test

We usually time a pregnancy test 14 days after insemination in IUI, and 14 days after egg collection in IVF. You’ll need to have this blood test by 9 am to be sure the results are available the same day. Many people want their nurse to telephone them during the afternoon to find out the result. Others want to share the moment with their partner or a support person – in this situations we can put the result in an envelope for you to pick up from the clinic. Just let your nurse know what you would prefer.


We have a range of resources available depending on your results: