Fertility New Zealand is a Charity dedicated to providing information, support and advocacy to people experiencing fertility challenges. 

They exist to support you through the rigours of trying to build a family, through in-person and virtual events, seminars and support groups; a free Helpline for enquiries; and an annual awareness raising campaign; as well as advocating for people experiencing fertility challenges on a political level.  Fertility NZ provides support and information for people at all stages of their journey and beyond, including hosting the Donor Conception & Surrogacy Network, a community for people considering creating whānau with the help or donors or surrogates, together with those already on a journey and parents through these means.  Most of Fertility NZ's work is done by a team of amazing volunteers who have 'been there'. 

Contact or join Fertility NZ today.  Membership is free, and offers updates on events and groups near you, use of their website forums as well as supporting their advocacy work. Please feel free to give us a call on 0800 333 306. 

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