Donor Addition fees include:
  • Screening tests:
    • Semen analysis (male),
    • AMH test (female),
    • Blood tests for infectious diseases and a saliva test three commonly inherited genetic conditions: Cystic Fibrosis, Fragile X Syndrome and Spinal Muscular Atrophy; medical consultation(s) for the donor and counselling for the donor and recipient.
  • Medical Consultations:
    • Egg donors and surrogates receive two medical consultations, one prior to treatment and one following.
    • Sperm donors receive one medical consultation.
  • Counselling Consultations:
    • All donors, surrogates and intending parent(s) attend at least one counselling consultation each.
    • Up to three counselling consultations are included in the donor or surrogacy addition fee.
      • There is no refund if you use less than three consultations.
    • Additional counselling consultations are paid by the intending parent(s).
  • Additional donors: A “work up” fee will apply if you are using a personal egg or sperm donor or surrogate; and would like to screen more
    than one potential donor.
  • Charged per cycle: Please note donor and surrogacy addition and donor reimbursement fees are charged per cycle, at the time of
    treatment, not per donor or surrogate.
  • ECART Applications are required when using both Donor Egg and Donor Sperm together; a donor who is a close family member; Donor Embryo; or Surrogacy; an application to ECART is required. Please refer to our “Fees for Ethics Applications” here and talk to a Fertility Counsellor. 
Important info for Egg Donor Recipients 
  • Recipients pay a donor reimbursement to the clinic when the donor begins treatment
  • The clinic will pass the full amount to the donor at egg collection
  • Donor reimbursement applies irrespective of the outcome of the donor’s cycle
  • Donor reimbursement applies to all recipients, whether using a clinic or personal donor; and whether treatment is privately or publicly funded
  • Donor reimbursement is not paid by the Ministry of Health. You are personally liable for this cost
  • Donors may elect to forgo reimbursement. Coercion to encourage a donor forgo reimbursement is strictly prohibited

Potential Additional Costs

  • If the donor lives out of town, necessitating flights and accommodation whilst undergoing treatment, these costs will be in addition to the donor
    reimbursement fee
  • If the donor requires an anaesthetist for heavier sedation, this cost will be in addition to the donor reimbursement fee

About Donor Reimbursement

  • Donor reimbursement aims to ensure that donors are not financially disadvantaged as a result undergoing treatment.
  • Donors are reimbursed a fixed amount irrespective of actual costs incurred
  • Expenses such as mileage to get to and from the clinic for appointments, car parking and child care are covered