How do I access Q Card?
  • If you do not have an existing Q Card or a Mastercard you can apply online at and click the apply now button.  This takes approximately 3-5 minutes to apply. Q Card will email you a response as soon as you have submitted your application.
  • Once you have been approved for your required funds, please provide your 10-digit customer IDnumber to Fertility Associates. This can be done in person or on the phone.

If you have an existing Q Card simply provide the card details for FA to process the payment.

  • FA then access the Q Card portal using their Merchant ID.


What is the Q Card number?

On the original Q Card - It is the 12 digits at the front of the card (this is the number to enter when processing payment via merchant login).

On the newer Q Mastercard it is the 10 digits at the back of the card (this is the number to enter when processing payment via merchant login).


Do I need to pay interest if I use Q card to pay for my fertility treatment?

Q Card provide the first 12 months interest free for Fertility Associates patients.


How much money can I access as a loan?

Your credit limit is set by Q card, the 12 months interest free loan has been established for amounts up to $15,000.00. You can access more funds from QCard above $15,000, however you would need to call them on their 0800 number to increase your limit. Terms and acceptance is worked through on the application form directly with Q Card and not Fertility Associates.  Purchases must be greater than $200.


I have an older Q Card not the new Q Mastercard – does that mean I still get 12 months interest free?

Yes, both cards can access the 12 months interest free.  Q Mastercard is the newer version however the older cards are still accepted.


What are the fees I need to pay?

There is an advance fee of $35 from Q Card, that we pass directly on to our patient.  FA do not add any additional fees to this amount.  Many companies do, but FA does not. The transaction fee that is charged is simply FA passing this fee from Q Card to the patient. There is also a card fee of $25.00 which is charged to your Q Mastercard every 6 months.

After the first 12 months, Q Card interest rates will apply.  We advise patients to plan for this accordingly.  More information can be found on the Q Card website.


Can I use Q Card for smaller amounts?

You can use Q Card at an EFTPOS terminal to access funds, 3 months interest free. After this time their regular interest rates applies.


Do I need to pay using Q Card in person, or can I do this over the phone?

If you have an existing card you can do this over the phone, or you can go to the Q Mastercard web link above.  Or you can bring your card into the clinic to make the transaction.


Is the finance provided from FA or Q Card?

Finance is provided solely with Q Card / Q Mastercard.  Fertility Associates has established this option for their patients to access, however the finance aspect of the transaction is solely with Q Card not Fertility Associates.

For more information visit the Q Card website here