Referring a patient for public treatment in the Auckland/Northland region

The Northern Region Fertility Service (NRFS) manages referrals for publicly funded fertility services in Auckland, Waitemata, Counties Manukau and Northland regions.  E-referral is strongly preferred.


  • Women must be under the age 40 at referral.  A couple is not eligible if they have 2 or more children aged 12 or younger living at home.
  • Indications are not pregnant after 12 months or more of trying, or a known severe cause of infertility such as anovulation, very irregular cycles, severe male factor, or tubal infertility.   
Tests required:

The following tests should be completed before referral: But do not need to be attached to referral.

  • Semen analysis done with the last 12 months.
  • FSH and estradiol level measured on day 2-4 of the menstrual cycle, done within the last 12 months.
  • Current smear.
  • HIV, Hep B, Hep C (male and female).
  • Progesterone level 6-8 days before menses. 
Public referrals should be sent to:
Northern Regional Fertility Service

E-referral is preferred: via Healthpoint e-referral, under FERTILITY  



If you cannot access Healthpoint please use: 

  • Public Consultation: Approx. 3 months
  • Public Treatment: Approx. 1 year
  • Please contact clinic for current timing if required