Wellington public referral tests required

Our Wellington clinic covers the following DHB areas: Tairawhiti, Hawkes Bay, Whanganui, Mid Central, Wairarapa, Capital Coast and Hutt Valley.

Before you send your patient for their publicly funded consultation the following tests must be taken by the GP and results provided to Fertility Associates.

Female Tests:
  • Day 2 fsh/e2 Click link for more.
  • TSH
  • Prolactin
  • Day 21 Progesterone (if regular)
  • Antenatal bloods – CBC
  • Rubella
  • Blood group
  • Red cell antibodies
  • HBa1C 
  • Hep B, C, HIV

Also Helpful

  • AMH 
Male Tests:
  • Semen Analysis 
  • Hep B, C, HIV
How to refer

To refer a patient for publicly funded treatment you can either:

If you have any questions regarding your referral please email our Ministry of Health Co-ordinator here.


Public Funding Criteria

Public Funding Criteria can be found here for the Wellington regions including (Tairawhiti, Hawkes Bay, Whanganui, Mid Central, Wairarapa, Wellington, Capital Coast and Lower Hutt)