Q Card - October special

This month Q Card are offering Fertility Associates patients the option to access 24 months interest free. 

The October special applies to new Q Card applications taken within the month of October only.

Q Card's - Lending terms and criteria apply and are listed below.



First step:
  1. Understand your planned treatment costs 
  2. Seek preapproval from Q Card on the links above if you have not already got a Q Card account.
  3. Confirm Q Card ID to FA patient liaison team - email: accounts@fa.co.nz
  4. Please note: The offer IS NOT available for those who swipe Q Card at reception. This will only provide 3 months interest free. 


For more information:

Q Card Terms include:

  • $50 annual account fee
  • Fees, Terms & Conditions apply
    • Establishment fee of $55 or $35 advanced fee to all Long Term Lending
    • After the 24 month interest free period - 29.99% interest fee will apply. 
  • The special is only available from 1st October 2021 for the month and cannot be backdated for transactions prior to the 1st October 2021.
  • Q Mastercard is a product of Flexigroup with no affiliation to Fertility Associates.