Currently the time between enrolling and receiving a clinic donor is approximately
  • 2 years approx. for IVF & IUI - this time is estimated only

​This is calculated from when people first enrolled as needing a clinic donor until they started fertility treatment.  To work out your own waiting time - just measure the time above from when you first enrolled as needing a donor.

Your individual waiting time

Wait times can vary from person to person, making it hard to work out exactly where individuals are on the list at any one time.  This is due to the following:

  • Some donors place restrictions around their donations, and
  • Many people waiting for a donor have requirements or strong preferences, such as ethnicity.
  • We also cannot predict the demand or availability of donors into the future.

All we can say with certainty is how long people being treated this month have waited for a clinic donor.


Personal donors can help you get treatment sooner

Another limitation we are experiencing is that we have more people needing donors than donors available.  The large gap between people wanting a donor and the number of men volunteering to be donors is why we strongly encourage people to look for a personal donor among their family or friends.  If you know of someone who may be willing to help you as a personal donor, please send them to the sperm donor section on our website where they can find out more about what’s involved and fill in the online form.

We are extremely grateful to the wonderful men who volunteer to be donors. This is a long term and very personal commitment because many donor children will want some contact with their donor as they reach young adulthood.  We put a substantial amount of effort into recruiting donors, through publicity, advertisements, billboards and our website.  

For any specific enquiries please  contact your local clinic. 

FAQ's on Accessing Donor Sperm click here