This voucher has now closed - if you have fertility questions we do offer a free nurse consultation. 
Special Fertility Week Voucher

This year we were offering a $150 voucher which can be redeemed only at Fertility Associates towards one of the following items:

First Consultation Fee if the above are not being tested for at the first appointment. 


The voucher entitles the applicant to a $150 credit towards a first consultation or the initial screening tests as outlined above at Fertility Associates.

Dates for consultation:
• The consultation must be booked prior to the 31st October 2019.  The consultation cannot be held prior to applying for the voucher. 
• The consultation must take place before 20th December 2019.


Limited to:
• The offer is limited to the first 50 vouchers issued within New Zealand.
• Only one voucher can be redeemed per first consultation.
• People who have a first consultation as outlined above.  

HOW TO APPLY FOR A VOUCHER: Simply fill in the online form below - you will be sent a confirmation which you will need to present at your first consultation.  

Good to know: A First Consultation usually costs $285 plus the additional tests, which usually include AMH and for those with a partner a Semen Analysis.  Please note: If there are more complex tests required these would be additional to the normal consultation fee.