New Zealand's leading fertility provider

Founded in 1987 by Dr Freddie Graham and Dr Richard Fisher, the doctors who introduced IVF to New Zealand, Fertility Associates is New Zealand's leading provider of fertility diagnosis, support and treatment. We’re committed to providing the very best fertility technology, expertise and care, and with 19,000 babies born so far, we can help you on this very important journey towards having a baby..

Specialists in fertility

When you see a fertility specialist, you want to know that you are getting the best possible advice. 

  • Our doctors specialise in fertility, and many have gone on to gain a CREI (Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility). This is only available for doctors who are fellows of the Royal Australian and New Zealand of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG). More on CREI.
  • Fertility Associates have been accredited by FRANZCOG to train new fertility specialists towards a CREI accreditation.
  • We’re the only New Zealand clinic to graduate specialists in the CREI programme in the last ten years, and we have CREI doctors in every Fertility Associates clinic.

Dr Mary Birdsall, Chair & Fertility Specialist

Excellent success rates

Fertility Associates has excellent success rates - that are well above the American average, embryo for embryo.  

We compare our pregnancy rates with clinics in the USA, as they have some of the highest pregnancy rates internationally and clinic results are published with enough detail to allow accurate comparison.

For example, at Fertility Associates a woman aged 35 years has a 40% chance of having a child per embryo, compared to an average of 33% for women in the same age group from the USA.

We used to compare our success rates with clinics in Australia, however this information is no longer available.

Figure based on fresh embryo transfers in 2013 at Fertility Associates and reported by SART for the US.

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New technologies available with Fertility Associates

More about our treatment options here.

We have clinics throughout New Zealand

You’re never far away from expert care, advice and expertise with us. Fertility Associates clinics are located in five main centres around the country, and our doctors regularly consult in 12 other locations.

Our doctors are led by a Medical Director in each clinic: