Endocrine doctors (endocrinologists) are specialists in disorders that relate to hormones and the glands that produce them. Endocrinologists can help with health issues related to  and issues relating to the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid glands, reproductive hormonal health, osteoporosis and adrenal glands.

Our group of endocrinologists are qualified as general endocrinologists and have also particular expertise in the reproductive aspects of endocrinology including problems relating to absent or irregular periods and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), differences in sexual development (DSDs), and testosterone replacement. All the endocrinologist in our group have speciality interest in the menopausal transition and we run a menopause clinic to where we help with symptoms and health concerns relating to menopause. As a group we see people of any age.  Dr Megan Ogilvie also has expertise in providing hormone support for gender transition/affirmation.


COVID Update: Telehealth

  1. Tele health - In the case of a lockdown all endocrine appointments will be changed to be either a video or a telephone consultation.  Our secretary will be in touch with you prior to your appointment to determine your preference. 
  2. Charges - If you would prefer to rebook later for a face-to-face appointment there will be no cancellation charge for this.  Otherwise charges for a telehealth appointment will be the same as a face-to-face appointment.  
  3. Administration contact - our experience of previous lockdowns shows that administration work load is substantially increased.  Therefore please be patient regarding secretary contact – you will receive a response with time. 

Referral required - A GP or specialist referral is required to see an Auckland Endocrinologist.

Once we have a referral we will contact you to make an appointment.  

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You can be referred by your GP for an endocrinology consultation, or you can book an appointment here.


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Frequently asked questions:

Booking first appointments and referrals:

You need a formal referral to see an Endocrinologist, to ensure that we have your current and accurate medical history and any additional information required for your appointment. Once the referral has been received, it is passed on to the specialist to review; after the secretary has received the referral back, we will call you to organize an appointment

Repeat scripts:

Scripts are not provided outside appointments except by prior arrangement with your Endocrinologist.  In this circumstance we require a week’s notice, as our doctors are not in the office every day.  In all other circumstances, repeat scripts should be requested from your GP

Blood tests prior to appointments:

If your Endocrinologist has previously planned for you to have blood tests before your appointment, please have these done.  In all other cases, the need for blood tests can be discussed with your Endocrinologist during your appointment.  Alternatively, you can ask your GP to arrange those blood tests they feel are appropriate based on their assessment.  If you have the tests in Auckland, we are usually able to access these results during your appointment.

Receiving blood test results:

We usually copy the results of lab tests to your GP so you will be able to view these results once you arrange access to the online portal “Manage My Health” via your GP practice.  Our usual practice is to contact you if there is an abnormal result that needs prompt attention, otherwise your Endocrinologist may add test results to your clinic letter or will discuss the results with you at your next appointment.  If you would particularly like to discuss any results before your next appointment, you can request to book a short telephone appointment.

Late cancellations:

We charge a 50% fee for non-attendance or late cancellation/late reschedule of an appointment:  within 4 working days of a scheduled appointment.  In extenuating circumstances your doctor may decide to waive this fee, however the fee is to cover the overhead costs associated with providing that appointment slot. 


If you have requested to cancel at late notice, you will asked to choose from the following options prior to being offered a further appointment slot.


  1. Keeping your current appointment time and converting to a video or phone consult (examination can be undertaken, if needed, at an in-person follow-up appointment).
  2. Paying the cancellation fee and booking a new appointment time.
  3. Being discharged back to your GP. 


Receiving clinic letters:

Our endocrinology letters can be complex thus the usual turnover time for you and the referring doctor to receive your clinic letter is around 2 weeks; this can take longer if there is a significant administration workload.  There may be an additional waiting time when additional information is required, such as waiting and interpreting lab results and seeking additional specialist opinions, prior to finalising the plans in the letter.  If you need your letter urgently please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this request. 

Having laboratory and radiology tests

  1. There is a Labtests nearby located in the Ascot Hospital main building where you can have a blood or urine test after your appointment. Alternatively you can go to your nearest laboratory
  2. A fasting test means nothing to eat or drink except water from midnight until the blood test at 8am. 
  3. X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and DEXA bone density scan can be done at Astra Radiology on the ground floor of the OneHealth building or at the radiology provider of your choice. Ideally your future DEXA bone scans should be done on the same machine.