COVID Alert Level 4 Update: Telehealth

  1. Tele health - In the case of a lockdown all endocrine appointments will be changed to be either a video or a telephone consultation.  Our secretary will be in touch with you prior to your appointment to determine your preference. 
  2. Charges - If you would prefer to rebook later for a face-to-face appointment there will be no cancellation charge for this.  Otherwise charges for a telehealth appointment will be the same as a face-to-face appointment.  
  3. Administration contact - our experience of previous lockdowns shows that administration work load is substantially increased.  Therefore please be patient regarding secretary contact – you will receive a response with time. 
Endocrinologists are specialists in hormone disorders. They can help with health issues that relate to fertility and reproductive health, thyroid problems, pituitary disease, osteoporosis, adrenal problems and cancer of the endocrine glands.

Our endocrinologists have a special expertise in reproductive health, including problems relating to absent or irregular periods, infertility, menopause and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  Which leads to symptoms such as acne, hair growth or loss, and menstrual disturbance.  As a group we see people of any age.

Referral required - A GP or specialist referral is required to see an Auckland Endocrinologist.

Once we have a referral we will contact you to make an appointment.  

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You can be referred by your GP for an endocrinology consultation, or you can book an appointment here.


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New Endocrinologist now available in Auckland -  Sasha Nair 


Sasha has experience in general and reproductive endocrinology and with endocrine problems in pregnancy.  Her areas of particular interest include PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), disorders of sexual development, PMS, premature ovarian insufficiency and hypothalamic amenorrhoea.