About ECART Applications 
  • Approval from the Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ECART) is required prior to
    treatment involving:
    • Surrogacy;
    • Donor egg PLUS donor sperm;
    • Donor embryos; and
    • Donations between certain family members.
About the fee for ECART Applications 

ETHICS Applications Fee : $3,440 is paid by the recipient/s

The fee covers the costs to prepare reports, compile documents, submit your application, provide counselling and guide you through the process.  All applications to ECART incur an application fee. If your treatment is publicly funded, the Ministry of Health does not cover the ECART fee. Recipients are personally liable.

  • The ECART application fee is charged at the first counselling consultation
  • Each party to the ECART application will be required to attend one or two counselling sessions. The cost of these counselling sessions is included in your ECART application or donor or surrogacy addition fees
  • The ECART application process typically takes 4-6 months as the Committee only meets 6-7 times per annum
  • Donors and surrogates are required to have a medical assessment with one of our fertility doctors;
  • Intending parents and surrogates may require additional medical assessments. If required, the cost of these additional assessments is not included in your ECART application fee. Your counsellor or fertility doctor will advise what, if any, additional assessments are required;

Not Included in the fee: Legal Advice

  • Independent legal advice: Treatment involving surrogacy and donor embryos requires each party to obtain independent legal advice. If you do not have a lawyer, Fertility Associates can recommend one who specialises in this field. The cost of legal advice will be determined by your lawyer and is not included in the fees charged by Fertility Associates.
    Please contact your local Fertility Associates Counsellor if you have any questions regarding your unique situation.