Egg Donor Reimbursement 

We appreciate our donors and their wonderful gift to our recipients.  

Although the recipient pays medical costs their are indirect costs to the donor.  To simplify the process, of reimbursement for these costs, Fertility Associates has introduced a set donor reimbursement that is passed directly on to the egg donor.   You can find the current reimbursement under donors fees on our price sheet here.

Who pays for what?

The recipient pays for all the donor’s medical and treatment costs.  This includes a medical consultation, counselling, screening, banking and storage, as well as the additional one-off donor reimbursement. 

Treatment with an egg donor:

The reimbursement will apply to all recipients of egg donation – for both personal and clinic provided donors, unless your donor does not wish to receive it.

The set fee is in place to cover expenses incurred by the donor during their act of egg donation, costs such as mileage, childcare and parking and is passed on directly to your donor.

Publicly funded egg donor treatment will also incur the egg donor reimbursement fee as above, at Day 1 of their donor’s treatment cycle. 

Additions to the standard reimbursement would be:

  • if the donor lives out of town and requires flights and accommodation to donate or have treatment.

A special exception can be made for personal donors who choose to forgo the reimbursement, and in such situations this would need to be agreed on a ‘case by case’ basis, depending on the donor’s preference.

More info about Donor Reimbursements here

For more information on IVF treatment with an egg donor - please see our Pathways booklet here.