Future fertility

There are a number of reasons people look to preserve their fertility into the future. 

Egg Freezing  - Your fertility future

The right time to try to have a baby depends on your unique circumstances.  It's an incredibly personal decision.  You may be single, married, or in a same sex relationship.  If you're not in a position to try for a baby now, egg freezing may be an option to help preserve your fertility. More



Preserving fertility till after treatment

Sperm, eggs, embryos and testicular tissue and ovarian tissue can be frozen for people who face losing their fertility because of cancer treatment or another reason.  We can offer fertility preservation at short notice for patients about to undergo cancer treatment.




Sperm freezing for future use

Sperm freezing can also be used as a back up for fertility treatment in the future, or before a having a vasectomy. More.